Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Welcome! (And Why Johnny Grubb?)

A couple of months ago, I asked my colleague Ian Casselberry, "How can you do two blogs?"

Ian runs the highly entertaining Fried Rice Thoughts and the sports blog it spawned, Sweaty Men Endeavors.

"It's not easy," I think I remember him saying. "But I have some time on my hands."

But that was before I hired him as a contributor for Motor City Sports Magazine. So he doesn't have as much time anymore. Yet he still pumps out those blogs -- and still with panache.

This blog is going to be much less formal than Out of Bounds. It's going to be strictly about baseball, number one, which in of itself screams informality. Baseball is the laziest of games, but also the most picked apart and broken down and statisized (new word). Second, I'm going to write much more casually here; more of a personal journal-style. I'm going to ruminate about whatever strikes me that particular day: nostalgia, today's Tigers, my experiences -- you name it. Like the words beneath the title say, this will be a "cozy" place. I hope you'll find it comfortable and a nice departure from the cacophony going on in the rest of the sports world.

I'll try to post daily here. After all, baseball is an "everyday" sport, so why shouldn't this blog be that?

As for the Johnny Grubb name, I wanted to name this blog after a favorite Tiger of mine, and Grubb fit the bill. He had the smoothest swing I've ever seen, and he was absolutely deadly when ahead in the count 2-0 or 3-1. For those too young to know, Johnny Grubb picked the Tigers up and carried them for about a month -- in August -- during their unsuccessful run at the 1986 East Division flag. He was "The Gentleman from Virginia," according to Ernie Harwell.

Maybe we'll even really find out where Johnny Grubb is along the way.


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