Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bonds To Detroit? Oh, That Sports Talk Radio!!

I suppose I should cut sports talk radio some slack. After all, when you have to program so many hours a day, you're bound to talk drivel. But sometimes it seems as if the radio stations in town ran out of stuff to talk about years ago.

Nonetheless, the banter on WDFN (1130-AM) yesterday was whether the Tigers -- as if they'd be in a position to -- should look into acquiring Barry Bonds for an anticipated playoff run.

You know -- lefthanded bat needed and all.

The question did what it was designed to do: light up the phone lines, to give the screeners something to do other than cram another piece of pizza down their gullet. And to keep the hosts from drifting into a discussion about failed hygiene habits -- which they've been known to do, so don't laugh.

The general consensus was that, yes, Barry Bonds would look just nifty in a Tigers uniform. Even if you'd have to have one custom made -- wherever you go to have clothes tailored for Incredible Hulks nowadays.

All would be forgiven as far as steroids go, it seemed by the callers' attitudes yesterday, if Bonds came to Detroit. Tigers fans would suspend ethics for a shot at a pennant.

It should be pointed out that Bonds-to-Detroit hasn't been bantied about anywhere that I'm aware of, except on local sports talk radio in a time-filling capacity. So outside of the metro area, I doubt "Barry Bonds" and "Detroit Tigers" are anywhere near occupying the same sentence.

But I have to begrudgingly admit that the question was somewhat intriguing, mainly because of what Bonds symbolizes to many folks, your friendly blogger included. He is a laboratory project in a baseball uniform, and I'd absolutely hate to have to root for him. But I would, if he donned the Old English D, because that's what you do: you root for your team to do well. Of course, it doesn't mean I have to like him. Teammates don't always get along -- so why should players and fans be any different?

It seems HIGHLY unlikely that Bonds, a 5-and-10 man who can veto any trade, would sign off on a deal that had Detroit as his destination. Maybe not even New York, or Boston, or Chicago. Possibly Anaheim. Maybe Oakland. But Detroit? Seems like an exercise in futility to even talk about it. But because of the cloud surrounding Bonds, there's some wicked fun in the chatter, I must acknowledge.

Besides, Bonds would want #25, and that's still Norm Cash's number, in my book.

Of course, Stormin' Norman used a corked bat in his dream season of 1961 -- he admitted as such -- so he didn't always play fair, either.

Maybe jersey #25 is fitting, after all.


Blogger Ian C. said...

I don't disagree with you on sports talk radio pouring gasoline on any embers to start a fire, but unless a producer or host pulled this one out of a hind quarters somewhere, I think's Buster Olney started the Bonds-to-the-Tigers speculation by listing Detroit as one of the two most likely suitors in the offseason - mostly because of the Jim Leyland connection.

1:39 PM  

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