Saturday, October 14, 2006

Burning Questions: ALCS Game 3

ALCS Game 3
Burning Questions

A's manager Ken Macha says his team's task is "not impossible," and that this series is "far from over." Agree with him?

Well, no, but what else is he supposed to say? Sure, the 2004 Red Sox overcame an 0-3 hole against the Yankees, but that was also the first time in MLB history that it happened. The thing that tells me the A's are done is that they are showing no signs of breaking out of their funk. It's not like they're pushing the Tigers to the brink in every game.

Kenny Rogers. Any words?

I don't know that Webster has come up with them yet. But seriously, Rogers is incredible. What he's doing right now is crazy stupid. I'm dying to see what he does in his World Series start(s). And no, I'm not counting my chickens. Well, maybe just a little.

The Tigers can throw Jeremy Bonderman in Game 4. Not too many playoff teams can start anyone comparable, can they?

Try none of them. The Tigers' rotation, which Fox analyst Kevin Kennedy correctly points out doesn't even include Mike Maroth, is the deepest in baseball. And in the postseason, that depth simply beats the opposition into submission.

The Tigers looked mortal with RISP yesterday, yet had just enough offense to win. But what's up with the A's bats?

Colder than the Detroit weather, and at the worst possible time. But then again, the A's weren't too good during the regular season with RISP, either. Their bug guns, A.K.A. Steve Swisher, Eric Chavez, and Frank Thomas, are invisible, unless you are a fan of bad streaks of hitless at-bats and strikeouts. They seem totally baffled by whomever takes the mound for Detroit. But that's what the Tigers pitchers can do to you, when they're on.

Have the playoffs turned into a coming out party for any Tigers in particular?

Sure. Craig Monroe, because of his power. Curtis Granderson, for his power and his defense and his ability to cut down on his strikeouts on the sport's biggest stage. Carlos Guillen, because the baseball world is finding out just how good he is. Ditto Placido Polanco. And some others. Basically, this entire team is having a party, and there's another one to go.

So the Tigers are going to the World Series?

Yes, and in one game less than what I predicted. I smell a sweep, because the A's just look so dead. However, they're sure to bring their best effort to CoPa today, facing elimination. But will it matter? The Tigers pitchers are on an amazing roll right now. And it won't stop with Bonderman today. Pop those champagne corks at approximately 7:45 tonight!


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