Thursday, November 08, 2007

Boras's Sabre-Rattling Likely Empty Threats Re: Rogers

(I can't believe it's been NINE days since my last post. I apologize! I'll try to keep this site updated twice a week)

I've always found it ironic that sports agents are hired, partly, to be the mouthpieces for their clients. Yet they are the last people, often times, that you should listen to -- if you want accuracy, that is.

Scott Boras has struck again. The super agent represents, among many others, free agent pitcher Kenny Rogers. Throughout the summer, pending free agent Rogers reiterated this salient point: that he really had no interest in playing anywhere other than Detroit, should he decide to pitch at all in 2008. Yet Boras has publicly told everyone to hold the phone; Rogers will test the market, after all.

My first instinct when I read that contention this morning was that it was all a smoke screen; that Rogers will, indeed, be a Tiger next year -- and that there's nothing for Tigers fans to worry about. And, after taking some time to reflect on it and mull it over, I think this: that it's all a smoke screen; and Rogers will, indeed, be a Tiger next year.

In other words, I don't believe a word Scott Boras, or any other agent for that matter, says.

Now it may be that Rogers, who'll turn 43 on Saturday, may have mentioned to Boras that it might be wise to just toss a few bones out there and see who jumps for them. But the agent is trying to portray Rogers as suddenly non-committal, and that the Tigers are on the same level as any other MLB team who might want the lefty's services. Quite a difference from his client's own words during the '07 season.

To their credit, the Tigers are doing the wise thing and are gauging interest from other free agent starting pitchers. Just to be safe. They still have to treat Boras's words as more than just empty sabre-rattling. GM Dave Dombrowski has been through all this before.

I would be floored if Kenny Rogers, having decided to continue to be a big league pitcher next season, doesn't do so as a Detroit Tiger. Despite Scott Boras's sabre-rattling. But I can afford to be unimpressed with the bleatings of a self-serving sports agent. The Tigers cannot. Even if they tend to agree with me.


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