Friday, March 21, 2008

Baseball Season Too Long? Certainly Starting Too Early

Do we REALLY need to start the baseball season in March?

I'm as eager to see the Tigers as anyone, in what could be a very fun summer, but we've waited this long; another week wouldn't have killed us. Instead, you have the Red Sox and A's opening in Japan on TUESDAY, and the Tigers, along with just about everyone else, open on March 31.

And if you ARE going to start in March, then why the heck are the Tigers opening at home? One of those opening west coast trips, which I usually found annoying, would have been nice, if baseball's going to be so relentless in kicking things off so early.

Hey, do we even need 162 games? Would it be horrific to end things on September 21 and play the World Series before the trick-or-treaters prowl the streets?

When the Tigers won the Series in 1984, it was October 14. Now, that's not even halfway thru the championship series.

Granted, some of my crankiness has to do with the rough Michigan winter, which is showing no real signs of letting up. But even if it were 50 and sunny out, I'd say the same thing, honest. We don't need March baseball, other than for spring training. I'm sorry; I just don't think it's necessary.

The regular season does end September 28, so I'm sure that's one reason why MLB is starting so early. But I go back to the 162-game schedule. Too long? Start around April 5, 6, or 7. End no later than September 30.

Or here's another radical thought: DOUBLEHEADERS. And I don't mean those ridiculous day/night affairs. A good, old fashioned twin bill on Sunday afternoons. I know -- less concession money that way and less ticket revenue. The almighty dollar wins again. But more DHs -- and I don't mean designated hitters -- would help MLB pack its 162-game schedule within a decent time frame.

Spitting in the wind is what I'm doing. I'm aware of that. Not gonna stop me from venting, though.


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