Monday, November 16, 2009

One Last Word on the Metrodome....

Just had to share this, from the late, great sportswriter Jim Murray, about the Metrodome in Minnesota. I'm guessing he wrote this about 20 years ago.

You should see this ballpark. It looks like a whole bunch of trash bags of hangers. The roof looks like a quilt comforter. If it had a swastika on it, you’d think it was the Hindenburg. The world’s biggest hot-air balloon. You’d be afraid to light a match in it. It’s kept aloft by air. If they ever turn off the fans, you’d have the world’s biggest pile of Teflon. If it slips its tether, you’d half expect to find yourself floating over downtown Chicago. You keep looking around for Cantinflas and David Niven… .”

I don't know about you, but I feel better already.


Blogger xman said...

Having sat through a half dozen games there: I concur.

Worst "ballpark" ever, which is amplified for Tiger fans by the horror of the 1987 ALCS and 2009 Game 163.

4:42 PM  

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