Monday, November 06, 2006

These Questions Have Been On My Mind

Just askin...

What did they call Tommy John Surgery before Tommy John had it?

Why did short relievers who finish games, who were known as Firemen, then become known as Stoppers, and then changed yet again, to Closers?

Why can't most players bunt properly?

Why is a high, bounding ball in the infield known to have taken a "Sunday hop"?

Why are bloop hits known as Texas Leaguers?

Why do we stand in the middle of the seventh inning?

Why is the game of quickly hitting the ball to several players called "pepper"? And why isn't it allowed near the grandstand?

Why is the next batter up considered to be "on deck"?

Why is a lefthander a "southpaw"?

When did stolen bases become obsolete in the playoffs?

Will Tampa Bay ever be good?

Do we really need first base coaches?

Why aren't there any lefthanded catchers?

What IS pine tar, anyway, and how did it become a part of baseball?

Can you recite the Infield Fly Rule?

Or do you know who was "on deck" when Bobby Thomson hit his "Shot Heard 'Round The World"? (I do)

Why is home plate shaped like a pentagram?

Just thought I'd ask.


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