Thursday, December 14, 2006

All Decade Teams are Here!

Just for fun, I thought I'd put together All Decades teams encompassing those years that I followed baseball. A new decade will appear on Mondays and Thursdays for the next week or so. Today I'll start with the 1970's.

ALL 1970's TEAM

Catcher: Johnny Bench. Can there be any other choice? Bench did it all, offensively and defensively, and was the backbone of the great Big Red Machine teams that appeared in four World Series in the decade, winning two of them.

First base: Steve Garvey. Maybe the best defensive first baseman in his era. Consistent hitter, and he had himself a nice little consecutive games played streak as well. Continued his fine career well into the '80's. In 1984, he played the entire season -- all 162 games -- without committing one error.

Second base: I hate to be too Cincy-ish, but Joe Morgan gets the nod. There was a time when Morgan was considered the best player in baseball, period. A guy that many GMs would build an expansion team around.

Third base: Mike Schmidt. His career overlapped the 70's and 80's, but I put him here because of his role in leading the Phillies to several divisional titles in the 70's, plus their only World Series win, in 1980. Underrated as a fielder.

Shortstop: Mark Belanger. Yes, he couldn't hit a lick, but he was the best of the good field/no hit shortstops in a decade that was full of them -- before guys like Cal Ripken Jr. and Alan Trammell brought the offensive-minded shortstop into vogue. Our old pal Eddie Brinkman runs a close second.

Outfield: (left to right): George Foster/Paul Blair/Reggie Jackson. Foster was the beast in the middle of those great Reds' lineups, with quick-as-whip wrists. Blair, who played about as shallow a centerfield as you'll ever see, was graceful and was underrated, in my book. Jackson was Mr. October, and rightly so.

Starting Pitchers: (three): Nolan Ryan, Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver. Enough said.

Relief Pitchers: (two): Rollie Fingers, Sparky Lyle.

Pinch hitter: Manny Mota.

Manager: Sparky Anderson.

Next: 1980's.


Blogger Scott said...

As a huge John Mayfield Grubb fan, I have tremendous admiration for your blog title and also for keeping the hot stove fired up over these dark winter months. I thought that Amos Otis would be a better center fielder for your 70's squad - 3 gold gloves and could hit for power, drive in runs and steal a base - check out his stats:

Also would probably lean toward Concepcion at short but I understand you were a tad heavy on Reds - all in all, a lot of fun and great conversation starter!

3:21 PM  
Blogger Greg Eno said...

Thanks, Scott! I actually did think of Otis, but went with Blair because of his affiliation with those great Orioles teams (not that the Royals were chopped liver, either)

Hope you keep coming back!

2:20 AM  

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