Thursday, March 29, 2007

As The Mercury Rises, So Does My Penchant For Board Baseball

I know baseball season is growing near, because I'm getting the tabletop board game itch again.

As some of you might know, I am a tabletop sports junkie. No video games here. Uh-uh. Gotta be the dice and the cards. APBA, Strat-o-Matic, Dynasty League, Replay. I have them all, and more. While interviewing Jeff Daniels last fall, I found out the actor and I shared the same passion. I'm sure there are other closet game players out there. If you're one, or think you might be a candidate, check out

Anyhow, I'm starting to break out the games now that the weather is getting warmer. My hockey and basketball games are about to take a backseat. Last night I played the second game of my latest project: replaying the 1961 Chicago Cubs season (well, half of it anyway) courtesy Strat-o-Matic. The Cubbies went 64-90 that season. For some reason I get fascinated with replaying bad teams. And, after last night's wild 9-7 loss to the Milwaukee Braves (Hank Aaron homered), my North Siders are 0-2.

No electricity required.

I also have the 2003 Red Sox on hold. I'm replaying their ENTIRE season with Dynasty League (the best baseball game out there), and left off with their schedule in early May. I'll pick them up on May 8th -- so I can replay the rest of that season "real time", thru October. So far the Red Sox are 18-16.

It doesn't stop there. I have the 1974 Twins on hold in APBA, along with a miniature, 36-game 1959 American League season with SOM. I'm sick, I tell you.

But there's just nothing like "rolling them bones" when you're a 43-year-old who wouldn't know a GameCube from a flash cube.

Tonight I'll give my Cubbies their third crack at Aaron's Braves. I smell an 0-3 start. These are the Cubbies, after all -- and a BAD Cubbies team, to boot.

By the way, those early-1960s Cubs teams tried a miserable experiment called the "College of Coaches." Instead of one manager, the higher-ups thought it would be swell if nine -- nine -- different men tried their hand at it, rotating throughout the year. When they weren't serving as manager, they simply became another coach. The results were predictably disastrous.

So add me to the 1961 faculty.


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