Friday, June 20, 2008

Pete Rose May Be Unlikely For A Lot Of Things, But Certainly Not Hitting Advice

So this is what Pete Rose has now been reduced to.

Rose, the most qualified Hall of Famer not enshrined, is now being referred to as an "unlikely" source of hitting advice.

Since when does having the most base hits in the history of the game make on an "unlikely" source of hitting advice?

The scuttlebutt is that Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez has been text messaging Rose for quite some time, exchanging thoughts on hitting, among other things. And Rose's status as the banned Hall of Famer has raised eyebrows over this practice, which really shouldn't be all that surprising or make Rose all that unlikely of a source.

I could think of worse people to turn to when it comes to hitting a baseball than Pete Rose.

OK, now THIS is an unlikely use of Pete Rose

The two met, apparently, in Las Vegas in early 2006, during a signing show. Rodriguez struck up conversation and became enamored with Charlie Hustle -- a nickname that has taken on a twisted new meaning ever since Rose has been placed under a cloud of suspicion over his gambling ways. OK, so maybe it's not a cloud; maybe it's a hurricane. But I digress.

So now Rose, it seems, has been functioning as an "electronic batting coach", as one published report put it. Rose has also offered advice on things beyond hitting, the reports say.

Here's an example (taken from this report from the New York Daily News website):

During last off-season, while A-Rod was agonizing over whether to opt out of his Yankee contract or return to the Bronx, Rose texted A-Rod: "Got five reasons why you should go to Boston."

"Name 'em" was the reply.

"1. You'll win. 2. You can play shortstop until Mike Lowell leaves and you love shortstop. 3. You'll hit behind Manny and in front of Big Papi. 4. You'll hit 800 home runs with that short porch. 5. The Red Sox fans will love you because you told New York to go screw itself. But I take it all back if Mark Cuban buys the Cubs. You'll end up as part owner of the team and that's a pretty nice ballpark to play in, too."

Rodriguez, of course, re-upped with the Yankees. Rose apparently then congratulated A-Rod for his loyalty.

The Hall of Fame has banned Pete Rose. Baseball has, too, in its own roundabout way. But that doesn't extend to the players, nor should it. Plus, it's not as if Rodriguez was going to Al Capone for business tips.

Pete Rose, an "unlikely" source of hitting advice? Try, "so obvious that you can't see the forest for the trees."


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